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The Well Drinkers are a progressive, original bluegrass and Americana band based out of Western North Carolina, whose range extends to festivals and venues across the Southeast.


Since the band's creation in 2019, the group has striven to combine traditional roots of their Appalachian region with progressive 

instrumentation, songwriting, and subject matter. The group doesn't shy away from the opportunity to bring experimental jams, jazz, Cajun, classical and reggae into their live performances.

Jake Bachman  |  lead vocals, mandolin

Adam Bachman  |  dobro, pedal steel, vocals

Josh Riley  |  upright bass, vocals

Jeremy Rilko  |  banjo, vocals

Andrew Wakefield  |  guitar, vocals



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The Eden Fest | Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland


"Live Music This Weekend: Well Drinkers 5-man band going farther into New Grass” 


"I am always delighted to find another bluegrass band, and especially delighted to find a really good one like The Well Drinkers. They call me old-fashioned because I like the traditional five-piece string band. The Well Drinkers fits my mold, but I have a feeling they are breaking it - in a good way."

- Steve Wong, Times-News correspondent

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Eden Festival | Moffat, Dumfries and Galloway, UK

"The World Needs Well Drinkers – Carolina's Own Newgrass” 


"This week at Charlotte Concert Guide, we’re excited to announce our Featured Artist – The Well Drinkers. Born and brewed in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Carolina, this band will have you ready to crack open a cold beer on a summer night. Fire up the grill or the bonfire, pour a stiff drink, and pull up The Well Drinkers on Spotify to add some Newgrass Bluegrass to your evening.

These guys really know their way around the strings, playing a variety of instruments like mandolin, Dobro lap guitar, acoustic guitar, upright bass, and more. With incredible finger picking, smooth harmonies, and intoxicating vocals, this band puts their own spin on the familiar sounds of the bluegrass genre. These experienced musicians play at a high degree of difficulty, but it’s easy to forget when you’re listening to their songs because it all blends together better than ginger ale and whiskey.

The Well Drinkers travels throughout the southeast playing events and festivals, and they are self-described as “offering their own brand of Neo-Appalachian Newgrass, with a twist of Swampgrass and Delta-Blues.” With all of these southern roots, it’s not hard to imagine why the beauty of bluegrass holds such a special influence over these musicians. At Charlotte Concert Guide, we’re eager to see what the future holds for this talented group of artists."

- Charlotte Concert Guide

"New podcast episode featuring The Well Drinkers is live now. Hailing from Blue Ridge SC, and reminiscent of days gone by The Well Drinkers bring you harmonies only two brothers can achieve. With haunting dobro slides, classic guitar picking and lonesome bass notes they create their version of Bluegrass/Americana."

- Picks and Bones

Full Band
Jake and Adam
Josh Solo
Andrew solo 2
full band 3
Jake and Adam 2
Andrew Solo
Adam solo
Full Band 2


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